Wicked Game – Chapter 4

“Character Assassination”

As note previously, the May 5, 1955 memorandum from the appendix of the 1977 Senate hearings on MK/Ultra included some of the goals of the program(s). Stage magician John Mulholland was hired to come up with ways to surreptitiously slip someone a drug or other substance in drinks or via a needle [1]. There was also Congressional testimony in the Church/Tower hearings about a device that could be attached to a normal sidearm and be fired at a target without the target being aware that he or she had been shot at all. CIA members testifying stated repeatedly that its intended use was on guard dogs, to put them to sleep in order to infiltrate target installations. Of course everyone and their brother knew that, coupled with the stockpiling of a deadly fish toxin, the real intended use was for assassination [2].

There’s typically a problem when someone winds up dead, though. People tend to ask questions, wonder, when the target is a politician for example, if there weren’t more to the story.

Another way to “neutralize” a target, therefore, is to ruin their reputation. Similar to the item I quoted in a previous chapter, smearing someone’s character makes them just about as discredited as if they had instead made unbelievable remarks or acted strangely in public. The original so-called Men in Black stem from a pair of events, 1947 and 1949, just after OSS was turned into the CIA. A pair of witnesses to, what I believe to simply have been testing of advanced rockets or airplanes with the help of German scientist brought over under PAPERCLIP after WWII, had similar experiences. In each, they were at home and there was a knock at the door. In one case there were three men, in the other five. They had orange skin, wore black suits and sunglasses, and entered repeating in unison, “You didn’t see anything” or similar. This was of course a PSYOP to discredit these witnesses so that the Soviet Union wouldn’t get too curious about the testing going on in places like Area 51. Absolutely no reason to think space aliens were involved. One assumes that they didn’t choose silver makeup because of what it did to Buddy Ebsen nine years prior.

04 a tinman 04 b MIB
It’s just another form of showbiz.

In 1990, as previously mentioned, a union actress started acting strangely as well. To my eye, she seemed to be having panic attacks, was visibly shaking, and had made shall we say somewhat paranoid complaints to the director and stage manager. The complaints were not devoid of reality, but they were the kinds of things that one normally would not complain about.

Eventually, she stated that she had been diagnosed with Lyme disease. See again that 1955 memorandum, this time item 5:

5. Materials which will produce the signs and symptoms of recognized diseases in a reversible way so that they may be used for malingering, etc.

Clearly, the intended use is for psychological harassment and the potential to cause the target to expend money to deal with phony maladies. Done often enough without the target being aware that there is a human hand involved, the person may start to exhibit signs of hypochondria or go broke.

Or, take for example, George Clooney’s ill-fated trip to Africa [3]. He was diagnosed with malaria. It was not clear whether or not he was after that given mefloquine (also known as Lariam) or a similar drug. What is known is that that drug can cause symptoms that resemble schizophrenia, and other brain issues. In fact, there are two Inspector General reports, one from the US Navy and one from the Central Intelligence Agency showing that they gave five times the required dose to detainees at Guantanamo Bay. The CIA IG’s report remains classified [4].

In case it has escaped your notice, the world powers are currently attempting to divvy up Africa. There have been several attempts to get the US involved in yet another war there [5]. Peace is not what the military-intelligence-congressional-complex has in mind.

I’ll talk more about mefloquine and use of other drugs for interrogation, torture, and brainwashing later.

After the Festival ended in 1990, I lived in New Jersey with an intern who owned a house there. I later moved to Manhattan in 1991 after lucking into a show. Mere days before the show opened, an actor quit to work on a show elsewhere that paid more. This show was a “showcase.” That is, a show approved by the union and subject to union rules, except the only pay was for transportation (essentially subway fare) and only for the union actors.

I had understudied the role that the actor was vacating at the Festival. In the show there were two other former Festival members. One of them happened to call the one person in Manhattan who had my phone number. So I was in the show.

This was during Desert Storm as I recall, or what lead up to it. There was some radio and I even think CNN in the dressing room on someone’s small black and white portable television.

The show was a fun experience. Werner Klemperer, Colonel Klink of Hogan’s Heroes fame and son of the famous conductor Otto, was pals with an actor in the show. It was fun to see him. I had watched that show a lot as a kid. He was an executive at the stage acting union at the time.

I wound up getting a good review for my performance in Backstage. The problem was the show programs had already been printed, my name was on a tiny slip of paper inserted inside, so the credit went to the actor who quit. I did get Backstage to print a correction, but that made photocopying the original plus the correction more trouble that it might be worth to send out to agents. Contrast that with Philip Morris’ stockholders’ booklet and you can see where the money is.

At the theater where we did the show, I ran into an old college buddy. He was doing technical work on another show in the same complex. He got me hooked up with a job at Big Apple Lights, a theatrical lighting company located on Canal Street, close to the west side of Manhattan.

Due largely to the strange events at the Festival over those two years, I became active at a church on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. I had gotten baptized at a church in New Jersey and there was a member there who had moved to the Manhattan church because he spent so much time at work (which was as a CBS news radio announcer), so that was the recommended place to go.

I also went out on auditions. An actress who would later portray the POTUS on 24 once told me that I was the workingest actor that she knew. There was a time when I was bouncing from one show to another, starting rehearsals on one while another was still running.

Apart from that, I had a college friend who came along for the ride to New Jersey back in ’89, had given his hand at stand up comedy, written a one-man show, and was also active at the church.

Then there were a few other friends. There was one, a fifteen year old (who would later give modeling a shot, he was that kind of attractive). One day, in my apartment on Ninth Avenue, he threw himself at me, made a pass, made it clear that he was offering sex.

I was shocked. He had always seemed straight to me. In fact, I am fairly certain he was.

To say I did not think he was good looking would be a lie. However, I played it off as though he were joking, said the now ironic “What has gotten into you?” to defuse it, and that was the end of that. He suddenly had a terrible headache.

I now chalk that up to voice-to-skull or some other form of remote subliminal suggestion having been used on him, and the stress of attempting something that maybe he really didn’t want to do in the first place caused the headache. The existence of this technology is in the public record, though how it works is to a degree a mystery.

Read on. There’s more.

I didn’t much think about that event again until a year or so later, another intern from the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival got sentenced to some time in prison for statutory rape. That is, he had sex with a fifteen year old girl in a state where sixteen was the legal age of consent.

That rumor bounced around the intern rumor mill. Some of us still kept in touch now and again so I heard about it. I had another intern over to chat and catch up when he told me basically what I said above, except he used the name of a different intern.

I corrected him on the name. He said he already knew about that previous event, that this other intern had, more recently, done essentially the same thing.

I thought that strange, but it never occurred to me that it might have been a combination of voice-to-skull or whatever (didn’t even know it existed) and some drug or other until a few years ago. Instead, I came up with all kinds of psychological explanations related to what draws people to acting, the same kinds of excuses made for the rash of school shootings or police violence against minorities, mentally ill, and homeless people today.

This is the same kind of rationalizing, no matter how crazy or suspicious some national event is, that the media, even the liberal media who is skeptical of power, engages in. The Tea Party behaves like raving lunatics at town hall meetings all over the country and they blame simple propaganda (something that we’ve had for a very long time). Keith Olbermann once tried to pin it on them being paid by, one assumes, the Koch brothers. No such links were ever found. I say that this is because it wasn’t due to payouts; it was due to some form of behavioral modification or perhaps “emotional contagion” such as was discovered to have been tested on Facebook and other social networking sites in 2014.

The intern who relayed this more recent statutory rape event had told me years before that his father had been found dead in the family kitchen of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. He had also said that he was formerly CIA. I didn’t much believe him at the time about that last part. I figured it was a way of processing pain and loss, of giving the seemingly meaningless meaning.

I don’t doubt him any more. As you’ll see, once I get to the full-fledged harassment, torture and just overall horrible way I was being and still am being treated by the US government, you’ll want to think the same about me. You’ll want to think, “Poor guy just snapped, couldn’t take it, now his mind is inventing government conspiracies to deal with what was just a run of bad luck.”

We’ll get there, and I hope we’ll get past that as well. There’s enough evidence to at least raise an eyebrow and enough coincidences to make the steadiest of mathematicians go mad attempting to calculate the odds.

In 2001, former US Marine, expert on weapons of mass destruction, and UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter was first arrested (as far as I can tell from the record [6]) for inappropriate behavior with an underaged female. This trend continued until at least a few years ago.

I saw, somewhere in the months after 9/11 but before the invasion of Iraq, Scott Ritter explaining in detail how the Bush administration’s claims about uranium, centrifuges, and rockets were false. He said this on CNN. In the middle of a sentence, they cut him off and switched to then National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice saying the exact opposite that Ritter had just been saying. They never went back to him, never tried to reconcile these two reports containing the opposite information.

Not long after that I also saw three morning CNN anchors laughing happily, about the possibility of going to Iraq. They were giddy.

Why not? The first time had made CNN. Here was the potential to be the next Bernie Shaw while explosions were going off outside your hotel room. Fame and fortune trump the truth at CNN (and many other places).

The point, they were testing this harassment, or character assassination technique on us, the interns at the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival [7, 8], mere years before using it on Ritter. The reason is obvious. They knew Ritter would say that their eventual spiel about Iraq capabilities was untrue and they needed a way to neutralize him lest he stand in the way of our eventual invasion of Iraq.

The accusation of being a pedophile is an old trick. Planting kiddie porn on someone’s person (or laptop or mobile device) is nothing new. In fact, I ran across a recent alleged attempt to do that to Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange [9] via Twitter. He was about to be searched and that may have resulted in his arrest.

In this case, Ritter’s case and those of me and my two fellow interns, they instead used subliminal messages to plant suggestions and perhaps some kind of drug instead of simply planting circumstantial evidence.

And yet it didn’t work on me. I’m thinking that’s going to be a problem for someone else down the road.

1 The resulting manual, not found during several searches conducted for the Senate and Congress during the 1970s, was found more recently and was published in 2009:

16 a Mulholland Manual

The Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception, H. Keith Melton, William Morrow publisher, 2009, ISBN-10: 0061725897, ISBN-13: 978-0061725890.

2 See The Assassination Archives and Research Center’s online collection for the Church/Tower hearings in Congress, testimony of Charles A. Senseney and William E. Colby:


And DDC Civil Case, Action No. 80-3163. In deposition of John W. Gittinger, Dr. Robert S. Goodenow was said to be a paid consultant. Belief is he that worked with John Mulholland to create a pin-prick device to induce diseases covertly. See also the book in related note 1 above which shows includes sketches of such devices.

3 See the Los Angeles Times, “George Clooney contracted malaria on Sudan visit–and recovered, media reports say”, Mary Forgione, 20 January 2011. The article recommends taking mefloquine or the similar choloroquine phosphate.


4 Truthout has covered this topic many times. For example, “A Guantanamo Connection? Documents Show CIA Stockpiled Antimalaria Drugs as ‘Incapacitating Agents’,” Jeffrey Kaye, 6 June 2012:


Also, the Seton Hall press release here:


5 See, for example, homeland.house.gov/press-release/homeland-security-committee-report-details-emerging-homeland-threat-posed-africa-based/.

This is how, when some corporate interest wants to go get some natural resource, we wind up spending tax dollars so that they can do so. Americans get killed, Congress gets kickbacks, CEOs get more cash to spend on lobbyists who in turn make sure that they don’t have to pay for it, and the dwindling middle class gets saddled with paying for these misadventures.

This is the game. The Wicked Game. See note 7 and later in this book about NATO and the US using false-flag terror operations to justify invasions and other political goals. You may be one who agrees that this is happening, but if there is one primary point to be made, it is that there is no way to turn the tide against it without recognizing, acknowledging, and talking openly about the methods used to maintain this criminal farce. It is the ace in the hole, the cornerstone, the primary reason why there isn’t a more even playing field where people can make up their own minds about issues such as war and the growth of the national security complex at the expense of personal freedoms.

6 See for example, The Pocono Record, “Jailed ex-UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter asks for new trial”, 8 December 2011:


7 An earlier revision of this chapter note incorrectly stated:

The Festival was partially funded by the Gerald R. Ford Foundation. I discovered this but thought little of it at the time when I and another intern helped to move some set pieces out of Foundation storage from a facility some miles down the road.

It was not the Gerald R. Ford Foundation but rather the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation. I trust that the reason for the error, time and similar names, is clear.

I will leave the note here because it is interesting history.

The Foundation was both where former Director of CIA Richard M. Bissell came from before, and went to after, CIA. He was best known for the U2 spy plane project and for the Bay of Pigs invasion.

That latter would replace General Lymon L. Lemnitzer’s plan (and that of other members of the Joint Chiefs) OPERATION NORTHWOODS. NORTHWOODS was a plan to frame Cuba for terror attacks on US soil and interests, and is so similar to what lead up to 9/11 and what happened after, that it is impossible not to wonder if 9/11 wasn’t a false-flag operation. In fact, I have little doubt but that it was now knowing what I do about manipulating human behavior.

JFK’s Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara sent Lemnitzer off to NATO. More on NATO and OPERATION GLADIO (another false-flag program, the brainchild of the brother of James Bond creator Ian Fleming) later.

See ABC News, “U.S. Military Wanted to Provoke War With Cuba,” David Ruppe, 1 May 2001:


And the National Security Archive at http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/news/20010430.

The Ford Foundation was also known from time to time to act as a front for the CIA. It also contributes to Democracy Now, but I regard that as attempting to wield some influence over a potential problem and a smear attempt more than collusion. You know, keep your friends close…

8 See again the interest of the CIA in such matters. MKULTRA subproject number 109, “Pharmacological age.”

The Black Vault, MKULTRA Freedom of Information documents, subproject 109:


When one examines MKULTRA and associated programs, two things become clear. First, they hunted down legends and myths to see what truth there was behind them. For example, this subproject no doubt started out as a search for the Fountain of Youth before they realized they may have had a method of entrapping people with kiddie porn or statutory rape. Similarly, there may have been a link between ergot, the natural chemical source for LSD-25, and werewolf legends from the Middle Ages when wheat infected with it got baked and eaten. All of which, and its similarity to the search for the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail in film, would be fascinating to ne were it not for the post-WWII, Nazi mad scientist-inspired use of this and other drugs on unsuspecting people that continues to this day.

The second thing one notices is how so many aspects of our lives, from things like voting, personality, ethnic stereotypes, and child development to things that frighten us to this day like bird flu and other contagions, criminal and serial killer/rapist psychology, gangs, WMDs, mind control, etc. were all looked at by CIA and the results apart from the little that John Marks got via FOIA and what has trickled out since have never been made public.

Just recent to this update, Seymour Hersh released a report on how several things about the official story of the Osama bin Laden raid were likely just not true. One of the several implications is that there was a concerted effort by the civilian government, the military and the Central Intelligence Agency to mislead the country and the rest of the world. Hersh’s account is being met with mass media skepticism, many members of which call what he is talking about a conspiracy. From Dictionary.com: “an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.” Certainly intelligence services can be said to engage in surreptitious plans on a daily basis. Which is kind of what is ironic about this reaction to Hersh’s report. The narrative that the government pushed, the secret plan to find and eliminate Osama bin Laden–as detailed by them–also meets the definition of ‘conspiracy.’

Here’s a partial list I’ve pieced together taken from both a mirror copy of John Mark’s FOIA information, which was possibly altered from the original, and the FOIA I found available at the Black Vault of the 149 or so known MKULTRA subprojects.




See video explaining it by Luke himself.

YouTube, “Attempted Setup of Luke Rudkowksi,” We Are Change, 3 July 2013:


Also see:

Planet Infowars, “Document Shows FBI/ICE Sets Up Users With Child Porn”, Alpha Delta, 30 August 2013:


Note that the link to the alleged DHS document is broken. However, there is a decent description of the procedures used.

Also note here that I am not one who trusts Infowars and Alex Jones, but these practices don’t get much coverage elsewhere.


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