Wicked Game – Chapter 6

“What’s He Talking About?”

In order to grasp what’s going on now, you have to understand something of the past. The historical record can serve as a template for recent past, present, and near future. I am going to primarily talk in very general terms. Some of this will undoubtedly make historians cringe. The purpose here is to get across some of the concepts more than to get into very a detailed accounting of events and philosophies. Think of it as the second grade “Columbus discovered America” versus:

What Columbus “discovered” was the Bahamas archipelago and then the island later named Hispaniola, now split into Haiti and the Dominican Republic. … [but] he was the first European to stay. His voyages directly initiated a permanent presence of Europeans in both North and South America [1].

I’m not going to do a lot of details about WWII and post-war research and discoveries. This is mostly bird’s eye overview and moving as quickly as possible and only on those pieces that are necessary to understand how we got to where we are.


After WWII, under PROJECT PAPERCLIP, the United States brought in several German scientists and their research. Some went to work at Fort Detrick for the CIA on biological and chemical weapons. Detrick would later gain some notoriety at least twice: Frank Olson, who died from a fall from a window in Manhattan in 1953 [2] and Bruce Ivins who wound up being FBI’s top person of interest in the Amerithrax attacks that occurred just after 9/11 [3].

There had been Nazi experiments with “super soldier” goals like resistance to cold, water and extreme heights as well as the testing of weapons. There were also medical (including a search for malaria cures), poison trials [4], and truth serum and brainwashing via drugs, and even a proposed cure for homosexuality involving injections of hormones [5] where human subjects were concerned. The record seems to indicate that the brainwashing via drugs experiments were not successful and were conducted because they believed that the Russians and maybe the Chinese had succeeded in doing so [6] by observing the behavior of prisoners. It turned out that they actually gotten compliance through physical means, psychological games, and false confessions through torture.


The idea of being able to alter who a human being is, to shape them to your way of thinking or making them do what you want, endured. The CIA also became convinced that the Soviets had already perfected some way of drugging a person and making them say what was desired due to a similar situation to the Nazis. They had seen a man testify who was high on drugs and assumed that one was related to the other. That turned out to be wrong, but the idea of being able to reprogram, brainwash, or control or influence human behavior had captured their imaginations.

As stated in the previous chapter’s note, the goal of psychological operations is to make all parties think what you want them to. This is similar to propaganda except where propaganda is basically the advertisement, PSYOPs are the seemingly real examples that they point to in order to justify the contents of the propaganda.

Ironically, when news of the Jewish Holocaust in Germany and Poland spread to the West, many people did not believe it. It was so horrible, so unthinkable, that people assumed that that was propaganda. In fact, I’d say that that notion is the main driving psychological force behind Holocaust denial, and for that matter, things like climate change denial.

How ironic it is then that, the Holocaust and Climate Change, both proven to exist, still receive so much doubt? Especially when, conversely, things proven false seem to still be stated as fact, still propagate.

One reason goes back to Joseph Goebbels, of course. The Nazi minister of propaganda knew that as long as you repeated a lie enough times and did so convincingly, with enough authority figures stating it true, that people would come to believe it. Add in a few ringers in your audience, people who secretly work for the government to spread it around neighborhoods, communities, churches, other civic organizations, and you cannot stop the momentum of the lie without evidence to counter it and presented in such a way that it also shows the speakers up as liars.

They managed to convince people of falsehoods in order to change their thinking. That in turn changed their behavior.


Similarly and in more recent years, Michael Ledeen, a leading neoconservative thinker, the man who met most often with “Bush’s brain,” Karl Rove, in the George W. Bush White House and is sometimes referred to as “Rove’s brain,” has stated in opinion articles and papers that not only is truth in government not necessary, it is actually undesirable [7]. In essence, a big lie to allow those in power to achieve their goals is much better than the public actually being informed as to the truth and getting in the way. Allowing the public to make up their own minds is not what they want. Making it up for them, telling them what they want them to think, is.

That is essentially the same thing as the Nazi philosophy and the reason why so many stereotypes of the Germans (as opposed to the Allies) involved an inability to think for themselves. Fascism had been viewed as slavery, democracy was freedom and rebelling against the power of tyranny.

Those two philosophies, Naziism and neoconservatism, are two “separate” political ideologies in different time periods and countries that on the whole match where managing information is concerned. The second is an updating, a co-opting of the first. And really the first is largely looking back to ancient Rome and other examples of leaders misinforming their populace on purpose to better control them.

This trend continues today. Modern politics in the United States no longer values the truth, no longer values the opinions of the individual, but rather where the lies take the majority or vocal minority opinion, and, more importantly, where and how they can manipulate that opinion to achieve their goals. We also have the addition of the so-called neoliberal movement, that only seems to differ from the neoconservative in a few respects, many of which I believe most people would find trifling compared to the similarities.

For a modern example, former NSA officer and whistleblower Thomas Drake stated that co-workers at NSA created “the boogeyman” in order to start their own companies and go out and get contracts to take care of the fears they stoked by making up those phony threats [8]. Those were lies told in order to profit from them. And those lies were only possible because of 9/11 and the focus on security and fear it generated.

In 2010, the Washington Post published its exposé, Top Secret America [9]. In it, they revealed that the intelligence community of the United States had expanded dramatically, and continues to, and that much of that expansion was private companies. As happens any time there is a new market, there are start ups and then there are companies who were either already in that business or a related business who expanded into this related field.

The report also revealed that most of these companies work for the National Security Agency. Among those companies was one, Booz Allen Hamilton, and its sister company Booz Allen, both subsidiaries of the Carlyle Group, who held former CIA director and neoconservative James Woolsey among its officers. That is also notable because you will from time to time hear people argue that, although most of this expansion occurred in 2004 and 2005, Bill Clinton also relied on a contractor for what one would usually expect the CIA to do. That is true, however it was because he, for what reason I don’t know, did not trust the CIA [10].

It should be noted that, for example, the entire Nixon entourage to Moscow to start negotiations on limiting the number of nuclear weapons was dosed with LSD. The most likely culprits would be the CIA itself, acting on behalf of some defense interests who would not want to see that happen because that might mean a reduction in nuclear missile-related contracts. [11] Clearly, President Nixon did not order he and his entourage be drugged surreptitiously with LSD, so who did?

There might be, then, very good reasons for a president not to trust the CIA [12].

(By the way, Booz Allen’s name was also in the news in 2013 because that is where NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden worked [13] and in November of 2014 controlling shares of Booz Allen have been sold off.)

This is not to say that all of those companies are guilty of simply wasting tax dollars, of abusing the awesome power and responsibility that they have been handed. However, it doesn’t take very many people, let alone companies, to really screw things up. There are nearly 2,000 corporations listed in the Post‘s expose. The idea that, as we hear legislative leaders claim, that there is meaningful oversight over that is preposterous. They gave the intel community carte blanche because, they will say, they were afraid of another 9/11 and were willing to do anything to prevent the political embarrassment of that happening.

As convenient an excuse as that is, there was this recent WIRED article [14] describing how votes for allowing the NSA to continue recording virtually everything on everyone correlated closely with contributions from the defense industry. In fact, it is clearly one is the few times that Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner agreed.

This also underlines the importance of getting to the bottom of what happened on 9/11. Was it something to essentially hang their hat on? To reinforce the ideas that were and are being propagated? As previously noted [15], there was a plan, never carried out, to frame Cuba for a series of terror attacks in order to fool the American public and the world into justify and supporting an invasion. This kind of operation, known as a false-flag operation, is similar to a PSYOP in that it is designed to create a false narrative, a fictional story, that is in turn designed to persuade someone to a falsely backed point of view.

Perhaps the example of this idea that most people would be familiar with is the Boston Tea Party. Revolutionaries disguised themselves as native Americans and dumped tea into the harbor in order to protest taxation without representation. It would seem difficult in that case to achieve the latter with the former, and therefore one assumes that the goal was more to hide the identities of the individuals involved rather than completely hide the meaning of the event. But then one might also keep the uninformed loyalist living in Boston from thinking too much about it while King George might understand precisely what happened.

But, at it’s core, the goal was and is to deceive. Typically this means everyone except for the conspirators. When they succeed in changing what you believe to be true to the point it alters your behavior, they succeed in changing who you are.


All of this is to bring us around to what I hope will make this book somewhat unique, somewhat special, somewhat different from many other pieces on similar subjects. To get there, I have to go back again to methods of changing people.

Also out of PAPERCLIP and concerns that the Soviets had already succeeded in achieving similar goals of forcing a person to do what they were “programmed” to, came MK/Ultra. Though the program consisted of over 150 known subprojects (well, actually a few of those still aren’t known as to their nature), the overall idea was, as it is with PSYOPs, to change a person in some way with regards to belief and/or behavior.

One way to achieve that was through the use of drugs. Another was hypnotism, also studied extensively at CIA and the Department of Defense though little is known of what came from the latter [16]. There were studies as to how experiences at children’s camps might influence personality, one on African American attitudes, and even one on what makes people vote a certain way. There was also Donald Ewen Cameron using electrodes to erase memories at McGill University in Montreal.

Along side this there was voice-to-skull [17]. Coming out of experimentation with RADAR and radio waves, they eventually were able to project a voice into a person’s head [18] (typically sounding as if it were coming from right behind their head) using radio waves. Then later, microwaves. Perhaps now ultrasound (which may be capable of a lot more than just sound) [18].

The US Army definition of voice-to-skull devices [17]:

Nonlethal weapon which includes (1) a neuro-electromagnetic device which uses microwave transmission of sound into the skull of persons or animals by way of pulse-modulated microwave radiation; and (2) a silent sound device which can transmit sound into the skull of person or animals. NOTE: The sound modulation may be voice or audio subliminal messages. One application of V2K is use as an electronic scarecrow to frighten birds in the vicinity of airports.


These methods are real. The desire to change people is clearly also.

What then is the impediment to believing that the former is being used for the latter? Why isn’t there talk along side the revelations of Manning, Kiriakou, and Snowden?

First, we don’t have an insider coming out with documents proving that this is being done. We don’t have an Edward Snowden, a Thomas Drake or William Binney, a Sibel Edmonds, a John Kiriakou, or a Bradley Manning. Why is that? Perhaps the next two reasons.

Second, I have to think one reason is the technology itself. It is capable of making you change your mind, if only temporarily. Used like that, a potential leak can be stopped somewhere along the line. A perfectly credible source who speaks to a reporter might be viewed as a crack pot if it is used on the reporter to make them think so. Similarly, as I’ve already alluded to in previous chapters, there is a stigma–despite the clear historical record that such research was done–that always seems to tie it to space aliens or the occult. This makes it difficult to take seriously. The disinformation campaigns get started like the Big Lie and then are possibly reinforced by the technology and methods themselves.

Third, I have to think whichever or whatever agency or group uses it, controls it, enjoys an incredible amount of power. How long would it take for most people to become corrupted from the kind of power that being able to influence and control others would bring? You’d have the best sex of your life, sometimes not have to pay for things (they just seem to like you that much at those places you frequent), and fix any potential personal problem for you.

I suspect they would also be very selective about who gets into ops that utilize it (though there seems to be evidence that the major political parties have access to voice-to-skull, more on that later. The relatively minimal cost mentioned in the Defense News article quote below is also troubling where attempting to determine who might have the technology and who might not).

It might even be implemented in some kind of automated way, by computer. A reflexive autonomic response from NSA’s Total Information Awareness [20]. Incredible as it might sound, a system that detects unwanted thoughts and behaviors via monitoring phone calls, surveillance, emails, web activity (via programs like PRISM), analyzes content via algorithms and artificial intelligence, and then sends out subliminal suggestions to the target and those around him or her in response (via subliminal audio in TV or over cellphone signals possibly).

Create an all-knowing, all-powerful electronic “God” in the image a limited group of people desire, make it capable of automatically enforcing the rules they built it to have. I doubt that we are there yet, but that is where it will one day go unless these technologies and practices are exposed and regulated and are given meaningful oversight in their limited use.

Let’s take a closer look at the Russian version; acoustic psycho-correction as they called it. From the previously noted [21]Defense News article:

The Russian experts, including George Kotov, a former KGB general now serving in a senior government ministry post, present in their report a list of software and hardware associated with their psycho-correction program that could be procured for as little as $80,000.

“As far as it has become possible to probe and correct psychic contents of human beings despite their will and consciousness by instrumental means; results having been achieved can get out of [our] control and be used with inhumane purposes of manipulating psyche,” the paper states.

The Russian authors note that “World opinion is not ready for dealing appropriately with the problems coming from the possibility of direct access to the human mind.” Therefore, the Russian authors have proposed a bilateral Center for Pscyho-technologies where U.S. and Russian authorities could monitor and restrict the emerging capabilities.

Janet Morris of the Global Strategy Council, a Washington-based think tank established by Ray Cline, former Central Intelligence Agency deputy director, is a key U.S. liaison between Russian and U.S. officials.

In a Dec. 15 interview, Morris said she and the Richmond, Va-based International Healthline Corp. have briefed senior U.S. intelligence and Army officials about the Russian capabilities, which Morris said could include hand-held devices for purposes of special operations, crowd control and antipersonnel actions. Healthline Corp. is evaluating Russian health care technologies and will underwrite Russian demonstrations in the United States.

“We talked about using this to screen and prepare special operations personnel for extremely difficult missions and ways in which this could be integrated into doctrine for [psychological operations],” Morris said.

Knowing that voice-to-skull either predates or is concurrent with acoustic psycho-correction, I have to wonder if the Russians weren’t testing the United States. “Show you mine, will you show me yours?” “We know you are using this in [some country],” or “We are prepared to reveal this to the world because it poses a threat to national identity. Are you going to keep yours secret and use it to dominate the world?” Perhaps more likely, the Russians wanted the US’ attention on some unrelated matter and this served to blackmail or bribe them into doing so. This is similar to North Korea’s testing of missiles, bombs, and sentencing Western tourists to labor camps. They want something and that gets attention.

But the point was that the Russians also had it, it was discussed publicly twenty years ago, and yet you likely haven’t heard of it, there is no evidence that it’s been “safeguarded,” and in fact there is substantial circumstantial evidence that it is being used for nefarious, self-serving purposes. This flies in the face of the CIA’s stated goal of protecting methods. These methods have escaped their control, are being used for purposes counter to the safety and security of the nation, and they would choose to keep it secret rather than expose it to put an end to such practices.


Moving off a little bit from over-simplistic history to over-simplistic neuroscience, there are two basic, related things about the brain that need to be mentioned.

First, the neocortex or cerebral cortex is really an organic pattern-matching device that utilizes, some scientists think, seven levels of abstraction.

On the simplest level, clusters of neurons store simple shapes, such as /, \, and -. Next level up, we have letters: A, which as you can see is composed of the three shapes I used as example. This allows us to recognize A’s in different styles and fonts or handwriting that we have never seen before.

Then there are words on the next level: APPLE. Then sentences. Then more complex ideas and abstractions [22].

Sounds and pictures apparently work similarly. That’s how we recognize an apple that doesn’t look exactly like any apple we have seen before. We know the attributes of an apple separately from the whole as we know the shapes that make up the letters of the word and the sound of someone biting into an apple even though the sound does not precisely match sounds we have heard before.

We match patterns. This can both help to see the truth, such an eagle spotting a field mouse in the grass from far above or a military intelligence specialist searching for a specific shapes of weapons installations in aerial photos; or to hide the truth, like camouflage, which both nature and the military use as well.

Now let’s port visual pattern matching from aerial views, pictures, and forest and battlefield scenery over to stories and mere words.

Snowden went to Russia. As did communist spies who fled there during the Cold War. Ergo, Snowden is labeled a traitor and some people buy into that idea. This hides the fact that Snowden was revealing to the American public, not the Russians, abuse of power within their own government and private partnerships against the American public and not for the purpose of helping Russia (no longer communist in any case). The pattern of “Russia is communist, an enemy or a global competitor” became the pattern to overlay on top of a whistleblower. They “camouflaged” Snowden, painted him as something other than what he was.

Comparisons are sometimes made to demonize an enemy. A president begins pronouncing “Saddam” (SAY-dum) as if it rhymes with “Satan” (SAY-tun) before invading the country run by a man with the former first name [23]. That subtle tactic connects one with the other in the minds of people watching the news.

Pattern matching is also how I figured out part of what I’m writing about and have written on my blog; Olson and Ivins, for example. Different men with different outcomes and purposes behind them, but similar in that both worked at the same place that dealt with behavioral modification, biological and chemical weapons, and exhibited odd behavior before a significant event. The same tricks or methods, even when used for different ends, sometime reveal themselves. But that will only happen if you are aware of the past events.

The problem, operatives specializing in psychological operations also make one thing seem like another. They create false patterns in order to confuse or convince the target of something that is not true in order to harass or alter behavior. They perform seemingly impossible, over-the-top feats that, to the person being targeted by the PSYOP, seem so expensive, troublesome, and elaborate, that it is simply easier–and seemingly more reasonable!–to believe that the supernatural or space aliens are responsible. Couple that with the surreptitious administration of drugs such as is well-documented as having already been done, and it becomes even more difficult to come to a rational conclusion.

The other thing I need to note about the brain involves decision making. Scientists have apparently mapped that decisions are made unconsciously first [24]. For example, the muscle signal to move to get up from the chair and move into the kitchen comes before “I’m hungry” enters your conscious thoughts. The possible or perhaps likely implication is that we make decisions unconsciously and then, after that, we decide consciously why we already made that decision while believing that we are making up our minds for the first time. In other words, consciousness, whatever it is, is merely guessing as to our true unconscious motives. Those two parts of the brain seem to speak very different languages…so to speak. That very likely turns on its head many things that you thought it meant to be human.

This is similar to that anecdote in chapter 3 when Hamish Maxwell (as the “boss” / all-powerful unconscious) made a decision that everyone else (as the “underlings” / subservient consciousness) abided by the but did not know for certain why he made it. The result was that the underlings began guessing as to why they followed that order. In that case, they had gotten it wrong.

That’s what happens under normal circumstances. What happens then if some outside influence made up your unconscious mind for you? Told you what to do via hypnotism or the like. You would then, afterwards, start making up reasons why “you” decided to do what you are about to do anyway.

Mind control or behavioral modification works without people even realizing that that is what is happening to them. They are thinking that they are just doing what they want of their own free will when, in reality, very credible and proven technology combined with more mundane methods could be the cause. Jared Lee Loughner thought he was protesting, hitting back against government tyranny when he was perhaps carrying out the orders of some group that simply wanted a politician who wanted the US out of Iraq neutralized. Neuroscientist and doctoral candidate James Eagan Holmes shot up a movie theater apparently because he thought he was a failure having “only” achieved a master’s degree. And yet we find that his father worked at FICO, a financial accounting organization, and that FICO was aware of the LIBOR scandal before the shooting [25] even though it had not yet made major news here in the US. Was the real motive to intimidate someone else at FICO from publishing similar details about the Federal Bank of New York? Subliminal audio communications (essentially remote hypnotic suggestion) combined with PSYOPs and propaganda (Loughner thought that the government was trying to control his actions via grammar) that seem to match certain patterns that your brain already contains that in turn reaffirm and reinforce the subliminal suggestions.

In turn, we accept what we’re told even when it is not in our best interests and do things without really realizing why. We don’t see how the actions are self-defeating because we’ve been tricked into thinking we’re doing it for other reasons. We act as slaves to some other cause for someone else’s benefit because we don’t have the full facts to counteract them. We knee-jerk react, for example, when someone calls an increase in the minimum wage socialism, but think nothing of it when a Wall Street executive or professional baseball player negotiates a salary. We don’t actually…think.

06 a manip

In fact, we start to disbelieve the people who provide us with the facts because it conflicts with what we have already made our minds up about. Except it wasn’t actually our decision when these remote methods or emotional contagion PSYOPs are employed. Also, the very same parties who made up our minds for us come up with phony reasons why the fact-givers would lie and alternate fake “facts.”

Basically, it’s brainwashing on a large scale. The crazier the desired action, the harder the work to achieve it. The addition of drugs and intense psychological harassment may be required.


Shifting the subject a bit, another reason for devoting a chapter to all of this is to perhaps explain a little more of what I’ve already detailed and to prepare the reader for what is to come. As I’ve stated previously, I never spied on any of my clients. I believe that instead I was used as a scapegoat if the real spying efforts of a corrupt group of people were to be detected, someone to be left holding the bag if someone noticed any information leaks, even though I knew nothing of what was going on at the time.

This technology is how they got me to stand where and when they wanted. This is how, when I started getting closer to the truth, they ruined my life. It is also to illustrate how it is very likely used to influence and sometimes control the “big picture.”

In brief, this is how they controlled their “zombie” without him or anyone else realizing it and how, since he has woken up, they punish him for it.

Finally, to a handful of people, I’m trying to say to please forgive me. I really had no idea what I was doing.

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Note that Ledeen was also neck deep in the OPERATION GLADIO lodge in Italy that performed false-flag terror acts in order to achieve political goals. GLADIO (or whatever it is they call it now) is active pretty much world wide today. As I write this, there are two stories: one about shutting down embassies because of “credible terror threats” from Yemen terrorist chatter (to which they give credit to the NSA right at the time the NSA is being criticized for intruding on the privacy of American citizens) and the tale of prison breaks by terrorists in at least three countries.

See also, The Nation, “Blackwater’s Black Ops,” Jeremy Scahill, 15 September 2010, page 2:


In the article there is an internal Blackwater email describing contacting an Al Qaeda affiliate apparently with the intention of having them release a statement, perhaps even taking credit, for the later assassination of Bhutto. That’s false-flag.

This book explains one way that this is done and why finding direct connections between organizations and individuals is nearly impossible. The terrorists often do not know that they are actually working for NATO. Again, read the Defense News article on acoustic psycho-correction from twenty years ago. Read how they expected one day to have hand-held devices for crowd control. If you can calm/neutralize a crowd, you can enrage/weaponize one as well. And you can do so at a distance.

GLADIO ran nearly all, if not all, terrorist organizations in Europe. Yes, including the IRA. More on that later.

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Though it’s a bedrock American principle that citizens can steer their own government by electing new officials, Glennon suggests that in practice, much of our government no longer works that way. In a new book, “National Security and Double Government,” he catalogs the ways that the defense and national security apparatus is effectively self-governing, with virtually no accountability, transparency, or checks and balances of any kind. He uses the term “double government”: There’s the one we elect, and then there’s the one behind it, steering huge swaths of policy almost unchecked. Elected officials end up serving as mere cover for the real decisions made by the bureaucracy.


Moyers and Company, “Essay: Anatomy of the Deep State,” Mike Lofgren, 21 February 2014:


The Deep State does not consist of the entire government. It is a hybrid of national security and law enforcement agencies: the Department of Defense, the Department of State, the Department of Homeland Security, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Justice Department. I also include the Department of the Treasury because of its jurisdiction over financial flows, its enforcement of international sanctions and its organic symbiosis with Wall Street.

As the indemnification vote showed, the Deep State does not consist only of government agencies. What is euphemistically called “private enterprise” is an integral part of its operations. In a special series in The Washington Post called “Top Secret America,” Dana Priest and William K. Arkin described the scope of the privatized Deep State and the degree to which it has metastasized after the September 11 attacks.

Though, certainly, this is not limited to the CIA.

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17 The Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL) at one time had that definition in their lexicon. It has since disappeared. You can find (for now) a mirror at the Federation of American Scientists’ website, FAS.org.


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Read those FICO LIBOR posts. Those are some very serious bank issues.


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