Wicked Game – Chapter 19

“Not Pulling Punches”

By the time November 2008 came along, I was onboard the Change Train. Mostly, I had been persuaded by the enthusiasm of the younger crowd. When I was an Edwards supporter, I had referred to them as Obambots. I could not deny that the Obama For America machine had ignited the interest of the college crowd, and regardless of most other issues, that seemed like a good thing.

(Warning: the chapter below contains harsh language, one explicit depiction of sex acts, one racial stereotype, one chauvinistic euphemism, and blasphemy combined with a drug reference. And that’s just what the author noticed).

When I was standing in line to vote, just a few people in front of me in line was Jeremy Scahill. I don’t think he noticed. We had at that point only spoken once more in a wine shop, briefly, and I hadn’t mentioned the previous St. Ann’s event then and neither did he. I assume he didn’t remember me from either place. No reason he should have.

In front of Scahill was a woman whose name was not in the system and therefore was going to have trouble getting to vote. Without batting an eye, Jeremy found the paper describing her rights, handed it to her, and gave her a brief explanation as to what it was. The man was not about to allow her, even without knowing how she would vote, be refused if he had anything to say about it.

I voted for Obama. I had, back in 2000, wished that McCain had been on the ticket. I might have considered voting for him, but likely would have landed with Gore anyway. I had, back in the 90s, swore never to vote for a Republican again over the hypocrisy of and personal attacks from those in Congress (and I haven’t).

McCain would later get my hopes up when it was reported that he set up a meeting with George W. Bush about torture and stopping it. There was much ado about it. Later, a hush was all that came out of that meeting and I knew right then that he was going to get the 2008 nomination.

The banking debacle that put the bow on the pile of manure that had been the Bush-Cheney administration, showed McCain “lurching”, as Obama had put it. It seemed an apt description. He was going from one extreme to the other, trying to decide whether to go with the Tea Party “let the banks fail” (seeing a brutally quick economic ruin) or the Republican/Democrat bail them out/pay them off/screw the American people (seeing a painfully slow torturous economic ruin).

I’m getting ahead of myself a bit, but Obama did the same, “lurched,” where national security and the rights of Americans are concerned after about a year in office. I’ll get back to that later [1].

I read again and finished the Rifters trilogy again that Summer as well. The funk returned in March again, and though I was working with the artist on the comic, I was nearly unable to make any hard decisions where that was concerned. I liked many of his suggestions. Some I didn’t. Most of the latter I didn’t fight.

I was frequenting Peter Watts’ blog and emailing him links to articles. The contents of which, I am fairly certain, he already knew more about than were in the articles. The man was reading the actual studies and papers behind the articles I was linking to. I was reading four or five paragraphs that were the portions that the reporter and editor in question thought made interesting news from what the scientists said when presenting the data. He was reading what the original work and making up his own mind about what it meant.

But I had a selfish motive. I had by the Fall of 2009 read the Rifters trilogy twice. I also wound up reading Blindsight a second time later. I knew he was working on a sequel (or side-quel) to Blindsight. Rather than beat him with a stick, I was trying to pepper him with carrots. “Finish it…finish it…” was what I was thinking.

Meanwhile, at work, there was a new project. The City and FDNY had new requirements (or were beginning to enforce old ones) about updating fire alarm system drawings showing the locations of devices and some other details. The landlord gave this project to us. We accepted on the condition that, at least, we could get drawings (hopefully CAD) of the tenant buildouts and access to check them for accuracy and to map the locations of those devices.

Work proceeded in spurts. We got a stack or handful of disks, or paper drawings and it lasted for a while. Then we would have to start sending emails trying to get more. By the time I “left” in 2010, I don’t recall how far we got but there were still some places to survey.

Here is where I’m going to change things up a bit. I’m breaking with convention and I’m violating the unwritten rules that I’ve already established.

First, I’m going to answer the big mystery where Squidgate is concerned, rather than lead you on a mad merry chase and then give you a startling denouement. This is partly to perhaps keep you reading and partly so some of the more bizarre events I will relate later will make some sense. So will, I hope, the absurd amount of effort and expenditures that the federal government made in order to bring this story to you, if completely against their will.

Second, running somewhat contrary to that, I am going to be combative. I’m going to be insulting. I’m going to tell you the ugly truth. If you stop reading, I don’t care. I will not apologize to people who torture Americans or sit by and allow it to happen [2]. I’m not going to kiss their asses. I’m not going to play pretend political wrestling like they do.

I’m writing this book for a lot of reasons. One is in case I’m wrong about the outcome of doing so. Another, so that I know that I did whatever I could to avert one or more of several really, really bad things that might happen. Some of them will definitely happen, if these things aren’t exposed and dealt with.

The other reason is because I am pissed off. I’ve written everyone under the Sun (so have hundreds or thousands of other people subjected to so-called organized stalking and related crimes [again, 2]). I’ve written the FBI, the Secret Service, the White House, my representatives, various journalists, the Center for Human Rights, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU, CREW (the Center for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington), the Inspectors General of the CIA, FBI, and the Departments of Defense (which includes most of the other major ones) and Homeland Security, and Ron Kuby. To no avail. Whatsoever.

In fact, I am still being punished for what is clearly someone else’s “sin.” I do wish they’d find their “martyrs” elsewhere because if it were up to me, “Hm. The vole doesn’t seem a bad species… Yeah. Yeah, kill all the primates. Let’s give the field mice and prairie voles a shot. Fucking monkeys. Heh! What was I thinking? Must have been the gange.”

Let me make it clear: I was never under the employ of the Central Intelligence Agency. And yet, I’ve been treated as though I was and have been “naughty,” am on “burn notice” (which is not at all like on TV except you are broke, stay broke, and can’t leave except for short trips). This is the bullshit legal stance that they have taken in order to ignore IG requests, legislator inquiries, and eventual FOIA requests. “He was technically a slave, so let’s treat him like a former employee leaker.” There are several reasons that they did this.

One, what I’m describing is a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment. Yes, Fourteenth (14th). It’s also a violation of the First and Fourth, no doubt, but we have actually accepted those as dead already. You know. 9/11. Whether or not we admit that is irrelevant. It is true.

They are getting around the laws banning slavery. Undoubtedly, there are classified legal arguments that if you can make someone do something via hypnotism and subliminal messages, well, they would do that anyway. That is of course a lie. Add onto that the surreptitious administration of drugs that affect judgment and increase tendencies toward hostility and PSYOPs that harass in order to provoke toward one thing or other and you know damn well just how full of shit they are.

Second, this is also about covering up how 9/11 and any other number of violent acts and manipulated events were engineered. Even someone who finds the point in the previous paragraph about slavery abhorrent might be given pause at having the truth, that NATO engineered 9/11, revealed.

Which brings us to the third point. While voice-to-skull is not classified technology (it actually isn’t), you don’t see it on TV shows much do you? Jack Bauer doesn’t “buzz” the heads of terrorists on 24 with it, nor does he receive intel in the field with it (both of which can be, and I believe are, done in the real world).

Therefore, I can safely say that, while not classified, it is certainly sensitive. CALL took it down from their lexicon after I started writing the IG about it. You don’t see it even in futuristic science fiction films and television. The excuses and the real reasons are obvious.

The excuse, despite it being used for various illegal purposes, some of which I’ll address below, is that we can use it in the War on Terror, of course.

Really? Do you see terrorists giving up, turning themselves in, becoming fucking “flower children”? No. Why? Because that excuse is half bullshit.

Why only half? Because they damn well are using it, but not to stop terrorism. They’re using it to cause it [3].

The other reason, the real reason, is that it is a tool of power. And I may be understating that. It may be the tool of power.

It may very well be how puckered-assed legislators and high-ranking officers get laid. And as we all know, if there’s one thing that the people who helped Americans lose their homes and don’t know how to end wars deserve, it’s sex slaves.

We don’t actually know because this stuff has never been examined publicly. We likely never will either, because by the time enough idiots in government realize what’s happening, the technology will be advanced enough to make anyone do whatever the user of the technology wants. The final revolution. Game over. Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.

And then there’s voter fraud. That’s the real answer. That is the real reason why “Open Government” Obama went from trying to inform the people to allowing the military industrial complex to fuck us in the ass after tying us down (that’s rape, by the way). He is likely holding the door open for them now, “Yassuh, asses awaitin’ right this way, gots ’em greeeeeased up f’yas real good.” Maybe then he even gives us a little slap to demonstrate his full compliance [4].

20130815-170718.jpg(He lied. Take it like a man.)

But I might be saying some of that because I got thrown under the bus. (Not to mention the torture, harassment, and sleep deprivation that continues, but I will mention it anyway).

Someone who works for Obama at one point wanted this to come out. Someone else who works for him did not. Monolithic the federal government is not, nor should it be. However, the did-not won.

How can I help but be incredibly angry then at having been brought into it in the first place? At being lead by the nose like an ass to your own ruin because you trusted some motherfucker who gives pretty speeches but surrenders when things get a little tough?

After he decided that using this on people was wrong, they likely sat him down and revealed to him that this technology was also how he got elected. “Obambots.” See the irony? He didn’t know, of course. He damn well does now.

This is why the panic about whistleblowers, the real reason. Every one of them in the know, especially crooks like Michael Hayden and Peter King, are afraid that this is the next leak, that someone on the inside is going to confirm what I’m saying (and maybe correct a thing or two since what I have is based on public records and not whatever is not yet out there).

Of course the Republicans engaged in voter fraud with V2K/subliminals first. No doubt. The Democrats, who always secretly look up to and admire the “manliness” of their bully of an older brother, started doing likewise to “keep up” and to be more like their idol.

I’ll cover how I came to these conclusions in later chapters. In the meantime, below is the paragraph that got Canadian science fiction author Peter Watts beaten and pepper-sprayed, locked up and tried for resisting an officer after visiting this insane asylum we call the US [5]. Thirteen months after that, he got a chunk of meat taken out of his leg by a flesh-eating virus [6]. Thirteen months after that, they killed his favorite cat that was sleeping above his head on his pillow [7].

The latest tool in this arsenal is ultrasound: less invasive than electromagnetics, more precise than charismatic revival, it can be used to boot up brain activity [39] without any of those pesky electrodes or magnetic hairnets. … but in the here and now, Sony has been renewing an annual patent for a machine which uses ultrasonics to implant “sensory experiences” directly into the brain [40]. They’re calling it an entertainment device with massive applications for online gaming. Uh huh. And if you can implant sights and sounds into someone’s head from a distance, why not implant political beliefs and the irresistable desire for a certain brand of beer while you’re at it?


It should be noted that Watts includes these notes as a way of dealing with critics. It’s the cure for “That could never happen,” because it’s based on real world, publicly available research.

Was that a crime?

1 In the meantime, you can read more about the Open Government Directive, released December 8, 2009:


2 See again Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance’s ad in the July 6, 2013 edition of the Washington Post express:


Sleep deprivation and constant fucking chatter in your head (even if that is only for an hour, hour and a half per day), over the period of weeks, months, and years qualifies as torture despite the legal definition. This, and similar harassment has gone on uninterrupted for some people since the early 1980s. It is therefore slightly unfair to lay it all on Obama.

Fuck fair.

America tortures. Bush tortured. Obama is torturing.

3 See again OPERATION GLADIO, how NATO ran virtually every terrorist organization in Europe and was later responsible for the revolutions in the Balkans. Now it’s sometimes done via voice-to-skull. This saves money except on the costs of more hardware and prevents investigators from finding a connection between those who actually order it and those who get hypnotized via V2K into carrying it out. This instead of so many bribes and requiring infiltrating double agents.

And they have expanded into the Middle East, Asia, and the US. That’s why this is becoming more than vital, it is also urgent. See for example this guy trying to figure out what’s causing what he knows to be a sudden change in the American character:

End of the American Dream, “20 Signs That America Is Going Crazy”, Michael Snyder, November 22, 2011:


4 In Obama’s defense, they have made it clear that they wanted to kill him before they made him their bitch:

WhoWhatWhy, “The Military and those Strange Threats to Obama”, Russ Baker, December 13, 2011:


And see the introduction to The Promise: President Obama Year One, Jonathan Alter, Simon & Schuster publisher, 2010, ISBN-10: 1439101191, ISBN-13: 978-1439101193.

One of Obama’s first acts was to deal with Pentagon leadership and what Alter says was insubordination.

They have, I assure you, killed plenty of other people just to show that they mean business. And that pile keeps growing while the officials say things like “There are things the American people shouldn’t know” (referring to just how fucked they are, I imagine)…

And (paraphrased), “Microwave weapons? What microwave weapons? People taking about microwave weapons are delusional. And dangerous. See? The same people who figured out that Richard Jewel was a terrorist and prevented 9/11 say so”:

Tampa Bay Times, “Records: Hakken beat wife to ‘bring her back to reality'”, Peter Jamison, August 12, 2013:


Compare with the previously noted Defense News 1993 article and:

Defense Electronics, “DoD, Intel Agencies Look at Russian Mind Control”, Mark Tapscott, July 1993:

In a series of closed meetings…FBI officials were briefed on the decade-long research on a computerized acoustic device allegedly capable of implanting thoughts in a person’s mind without that person being aware of the thought.

Makes you wonder about Koresh, too, doesn’t it?

Why not plant thoughts of surrender? Because it doesn’t make someone money, doesn’t increase power, doesn’t allow you to beat the shit out of someone for the pure fucking pleasure of feeling superior and compensating for deep-seated insecurities.

See Washington Post, “When Seeing and Hearing is Not Believing,” William M. Arkin, February 1, 1999:


What fun is there in peace? That’s why we put psychopaths in charge, for “fun.”

5 Peter Watts arrested, December 8, 2009.

6 Peter Watts infected.

7 Banana died.

8 Blindsight end notes, “Sleight of Mind”.

You should actually read the whole thing. It also explains, inadvertently, how much of the psychological harassment works. Change someone’s world view and you change what their brain is telling them is true. Similar to what I was saying about Lynnae Williams, myself and others except that is the principle that makes it last beyond the initial harassment, drugging and “conditioning.”


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