Wicked Game – Chapter 25

“Dirty Tricks”

I likely am going to forget to include many, perhaps even some very important ones. There was a lot happening in a very short period of time. This chapter largely deals with some of the pranks and worse that happened, and some of the harassment. It is intended to be informative. There are a lot more targets out there now since, for example, Edward Snowden’s revelations. Maybe they will recognize some of these tactics when they happen to them.

(Note that the proposed fix for the Internet problems I describe below is for the very perpetrators of them to be given total sovereignty over it. They will, as Orwell predicted, use it to control information).

The first Internet oddity I noticed was that I started getting “Thank you for your message” auto-replies from politicians. Soon after I started getting vacation auto-replies as well from people I did not know (including a lady from Macy’s which is what put me into wondering about bomb threat territory). The content of the emails that “I” sent these people I never completely knew.

I could guess at two. I wrote Senator Schumer about the Squidgate situation and did not hear back (though, again, the federal government did not press charges, that was the state of Michigan). I got an auto-reply email that thanked me for my message opposing healthcare reform, but here was why he supported it, etc.

I had, of course, not sent an email opposing healthcare reform. I supported healthcare reform.

I had later, from Minneapolis, written Senator Franken’s office about my situation and never heard back. I did get a reply, though, an actual reply, regarding an email I never sent. Here it is:

March 1, 2012

Dear Christopher,

Thank you for contacting me about federal regulation of cigars. I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates tobacco products for the public health of all Americans. As you know, tobacco is harmful not only to the smoker but also to those who breathe secondhand smoke. While it continues to remain a personal choice whether to use these products in private, Congress has charged the FDA to regulate tobacco products, including cigars, so that their private use does not cause public harm.

S. 1461, the Traditional Cigar Manufacturing and Small Business Jobs Preservation Act of 2011, would exempt traditional large and premium cigars from regulation by the FDA. This bill was introduced in the Senate on August 1, 2011 and subsequently referred to the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP), of which I am a member. Scientific research has shown that cigar smoke contains even more toxins than cigarette smoke and can be deeply harmful to our health. For this reason, I believe this legislation raises significant concerns. I appreciate the opportunity to have an open dialogue with you on this matter, and will keep your thoughts in mind if this bill comes up for consideration.

Thank you again for contacting me, and please don’t hesitate to do so in the future regarding this or any other matter of concern to you.


Al Franken
United States Senator

Of course, I had already moved out of Minnesota by then in any case. What? Do you see something there that I don’t?

What if some of these emails were threatening? What if, for example, because they were bored and needed to bill something or attempting to stir up trouble, Booz Allen Hamilton (now known simply as Booz Allen a subsidiary of the Carlyle Group, as is sister company Booz Allen) faked emails from me that were threatening, stalker-like, or otherwise disturbing to the recipients? What if they bombarded my representatives with gibberish filled emails? What if, as the cigar and healthcare emails may imply, they “painted” me as having the opposite political opinions than I actually hold? While on the one hand, it should not matter. If I were a Republican (there are many conservatives who are targets of Organized Stalking), I should still be getting help from my reps.

But it might make me seem like someone they would just as soon not hear from.

Worse, if the emails were threatening, they might refer it to the Secret Service.

I’m certain that this has happened to people. If I can think it up based on the scant evidence that I have, then these people, take my word for it, thought of it a long time ago and use it to good effect.

The sort of mirror image of that is the phony consensus or online “gangstalking.” Originally touted as a way of taking the air out of radical terrorist online efforts, it has instead become a propaganda tool. Though maybe brainwashing is more a more accurate term than propaganda.

There is a software package that the Department of Defense (and others) have contracted for that allows one operative sitting at a computer to pretend to be several people [1]. They show as having different IP addresses. They can have, for example, several Twitter accounts open at the same time and slam one person with what appears to be a large group.

I don’t know if that is what happened on Peter Watts’ blog. There was one person who posed the question, “Who are all these people?” At the time it did not occur to me that they might be one person.

Later, a friend of Peter’s wife, also an author, was the target of a group who labeled his books as being anti-feminist (after reading the first five pages of only one book). This appeared to originate from one (self-identified anyway) woman which then got the attention of many more people. Again, I can’t know if it was one or the other (or a sincere woman under the influence of voice-to-skull for that matter) but it showed me how it could be done and it could destroy or, if a person were a defense or other industry darling/MOCKINGBIRD, make a career.

Phony consensus used to alter reality, harass, move us in the desired direction without us even knowing that it was done.

One of the other things that happened to me was that someone hacked into my iTunes account and changed the default language to Farsi. This was coupled with another thing that happened.

As the trial grew closer (it happened in March of 2010), I got more and more restless. My longterm relationship was over by then. As I said, I thought one day all (whatever all was) would be forgiven and I’d have the job and the boyfriend back.

But in the meantime, I was single. For the first time, I started going out to gay bars. I’d been a few times before but my partner and I had mostly been homebodies. It was new and exciting (and more than a little crazy).

I wound up at a bar next to Urge bar. It was a relatively new bar.

(Half owned by a man who I later discovered was a former Navy man. Yes, I think it possible that it was some kind of secretive DoD place to study, watch, or muck with gays. I also found the old Uncle Charlie’s to be likely CIA’s equivalent that also had a lot of Che Guevara t-shirt wearing kids in it. The details are on the blog though I mistakenly thought the half-owner was Army instead of Navy.

By the way, that’s how you know something is CIA’s: any indication of old style Communism. It works like a charm. Even real Communists have moved on from the 60s and 70s. Not our government).

I deleted my Twitter account as I had my LiveJournal. The harassment (or Balding’s “training”) had made me behave differently for a time. I can’t quite explain it. I was in a way more at ease and at the same time wound so tightly. It was a strange way to feel.

The night after I angrily deleted the Twitter account was when I ended up at the bar near Urge. The place was mostly empty. There was man there who seemed out of place.

I won’t go into great detail about that. I’m sure he was just doing his job. I did wish that I had left and had drinks with him instead of staying, but then I had no idea at all what had happened, what was happening, and it clearly wasn’t something I could be talked out of in any case.

He was the one who noted that I was spitting a lot. I still don’t know why I started doing it. I can only tell you that for the vast majority of my life I didn’t do it, never thought of it as something that needed doing, but after all that I did it. And I still do. Don’t know why.

One of the earliest harassment things was a man who got out of his car and behaved strangely, right in front of my apartment. He spit several times in the direction of a nearby church. His behavior was overly dramatic (that’s not the “Truman’s syndrome” talking). It was a PSYOP or part of one but I’ll be damned if I know what it was supposed to do (other than illustrate and predate my spitting habit).

Later that night, a woman tried to pickpocket me. Despite being rather intoxicated, I caught her. For some reason I decided not to stay. I went to another bar. I met what I think was probably a half-Italian/half-Roma man. We drank some and he managed to pull my wallet, take the cash, and put my wallet back in my pocket without me noticing. He also got my iPhone (which had a huge chunk of my life in it) out of my front breast jacket pocket.

It was as if they were erasing me, emptying me, and trying to fill that void with someone or something else. I wondered later if they weren’t just trying to emulate dissociative personality disorder or similar for anyone else who might be watching, or to convince me of it.

The next day I went to get the phone shut off. The clerk kept strangely staring at the screen as if he was having trouble reading it. He confirmed that it was shut off and I left. I went to the Apple store and bought myself another phone. The trial was the following week and I needed to be ready.

It was nice of the pickpocket to leave me my cards and license, to risk being caught putting them back, just so I could go to the trial, wasn’t it?

A month or more later, I’d get an angry email from my former boss. When was I going to turn my phone off? (The account was still in the company’s name). The clerk had not turned the damn thing off even though I told him it was stolen and he confirmed to me that he had turned it off.

Later, I’d get an email from a friend who had texted me at the old number and gotten a reply in Farsi.

I don’t know what being subject to that kind of silliness does in terms of getting you unwanted federal attention. I think rather it was more along the lines of trying to shake me up, create hundreds of small traumatic events that would add up to serious psychological trauma, disillusionment, and, they hoped, turn me into a terrorist.

Then there was the photo, supposedly found in an abandoned Russian nuclear missile silo:


The resemblance to Peter Watts was striking. I’d later see some guy complaining about some odd character online and see a picture that looks a bit like me:


And they were using that persona to annoy some rapper or similar. Imagine if I’d walk down the street of wherever and someone thought I was that dude on a particularly bad day. As I said, pitting people against each other and sewing the seeds of distrust is partially what this is about. Don’t like amateur black ops historians and musicians of color? Pit them against each other.

These are “doppelgängers.” In the spy biz, they have a lot of uses. I was told by a Cold War spook that sometimes they use them just to let the opposition know that they are aware of where they are. For example, a high-ranking CIA officer goes to Norway for a meeting with the station chief. They take precautions. The Russians might send in two men dressed identically to the officer and the chief just to let them know that they aren’t being fooled (and, interestingly, that their conversation is not a private one).

The main old use was to make the security services of Iron Curtain countries think that people were in one place while they were actually in another. A potential spy would appear to be shopping (the double) while actually speaking to their CIA or MI6 handler elsewhere.

In harassment they are used for other reasons. Possibly to gauge the target’s reaction to various people. Also, likely to remind them of something, perhaps a painful memory. And, I cannot dismiss the rather disturbing intention of getting the target to associate the pain that they suffer with whomever a doppelganger looks like.

Like a dog whose tail gets stepped on biting the wrong offender, a severely harassed individual is likely to strike out at the person they think most responsible or just near by. With human beings, this can extend into superstition. We try to cope with bad luck and the strange somehow. Back in ’90, I turned to religion. Others think it’s space aliens, the Devil or some group or other.

Now I prefer to think of the only ones with motive and the capability, supported by the historical record.

And of course there was the young operative who stole the garbage, disguised himself to look a lot like Adrienne when I’d first met him, and later skulked outside Jeremy Scahill’s place.

To try to harass and confuse, that had been a large part of it.

I should note that regarding the phone, I lost a lot of evidence. The text about the Conway fire. Photos, I’m sure, of something that had occurred and would have made some decent evidence, were also gone along with some personal pictures.

There is perhaps a connecting point where the Adrienne doppelgänger is concerned. Recall again that I had that strange feeling that lead to me hitting on a friend back in Indianapolis, when I met former Navy man Anthony Gipe. And the more recent euphoria that started before actually seeing that guy…since he had two faces, his own and Adrienne’s…I’m going to call him “Janus” from here on.

The point there, that it is possible to increase someone’s libido and/or sufficiently alter their thinking to the point that they may become promiscuous or fall in love with someone that they’ve just met. Throw in impaired judgment, and you can swing them wherever you want.

Why do I bring this up? Think also of what I wrote about WMD inspector Scott Ritter. How his arrests had hurt his ability to be an effective critic of the excuses for invading Iraq.

Now let’s talk careers. Eliot Spitzer [2], Anthony Wiener (another Congressman who was clamoring for Iraq withdrawal), and of course Bill Clinton.

Keep in mind that these people look for weak points to exploit. Just because someone has a history of drugs doesn’t mean that their overdose wasn’t a faked murder. In fact, if you want to get away with it, that’s exactly the kind of thing you look for. In my case, I expect they already knew something of Adrienne because, as you’ve read, that was after the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival.

1 The Guardian, ” Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media”, Nick Fielding and Ian Cobain, March 17, 2011:


2 TruthDig, “Not Too Big to Jail: Eliot Spitzer Is Wall Street’s Worst Nightmare”, Ellen Brown/Web of Debt, August 19, 2013:


It may not be a coincidence that the revelation of his indiscretions with a high-priced call girl came less than a month after he published a bold editorial in the Washington Post titled “Predatory Lenders’ Partner in Crime: How the Bush Administration Stopped the States from Stepping in to Help Consumers.”



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