Wicked Game – Appendix A

“The Star Killers”

Note again the organized stalking phenomenon I’ve mentioned previously. Ordinary people harassed, abused, remote tortured with electronic nonlethal weapons, and (I believe) often drugged silly. Contacting their representatives and law enforcement does no good whatsoever.

Note also what happened to Randy and Evi Quaid [1] around 2006, after the Bush administration’s huge expansion of private intelligence contractors, most of whom work for the National Security Agency. After starring in a pro-gay movie (Brokeback Mountain) with an actor who later died. Statistically speaking, I think Quaid has a point. The paranoia about who did what (producers of a broadway show poisoning Piven, for example) fits in snugly with what happens to OSEH victims. They suddenly start accusing their neighbors, the cable guy and mailman, news anchors and disk jockeys, of conspiring against them. This is due to having some brain functions interfered with, either with something like MEDUSA or surreptitiously administered substance, or both [2].

This is the ultimate character assassination weapon, because you cannot recover from the perception that you have been mentally ill. It’s a stigma that will stay with those people (and me) for the rest of their lives barring the exposure of a very, very corrupt defense, security and intelligence sector. People have a natural fear of being around such people, which in turn causes isolation, which further in turn exacerbates the problem.

Similarly, the financial troubles are also very, very similar to what happens to OSEH victims. They cannot hold down jobs any longer (Quaid was banned for life from the Actor’s Equity Union for berating a fellow actor, recall Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and the airport incident) and wind up misspending money trying to find implants, e-proofing their rooms and homes (the more sophisticated version of tinfoil hats), or running away (as I sort of tried in 2012 in Canada, see chapter ## NOTE: NOT WRITTEN YET).

The former, ordinary citizens, served as training for the later attacks on celebrities. As noted previously, sometimes there was another motive and sometimes there wasn’t. Training the field operatives for use against media figures would seem a logical conclusion to make.

Also recall the Department of Defense’s strong-arming of Hollywood pictures in a time where the economy is pushing producers to save money where they can and to appease powerful special interests (such as the defense industry) just as mainstream news does [3].

Recall also George Clooney’s “worst year of his life” during and after the filming of Syriana, a film that showed that average American interests and those of big business do not always align and in fact can run quite counter at times.

This is how some agency or agencies within the US intelligence community, possibly with the aid of subcontractors, tried to get me to target writer Neil Gaiman.

First of all, though I had decided that “Janus” was likely the son of Canadian science fiction writer Peter Watts, there was also a lesser idea that maybe he belonged to Mr. Gaiman instead. The idea of contacting him regarding Peter’s plight was no more my idea than contributing to Wikileaks had been on January 29, 2010. It seemed a good idea at the time, but had been planted there via voice-to-skull, silent sound, or a similar kind of technology.

During my final months in Brooklyn, I on occasion stopped at an independent bookstore along my way to Prospect Park to jog. While browsing there on February 9, 2010, a cat started following me around. This was the eventual photo that I took:


In case you can’t see it, look at what the cat decided to stand on. It climbed up there all on its own:


(Coraline was a good book, by the way.)

Now read this again:

14. One or two subprojects on each of the following:
“Blood Grouping” research, controlling the activity of animals, energy storage and transfer in organic systems; and stimulus and response in biological systems [4].

And this:

In 1961, a top CIA scientist reported in an internal memo that “the feasibility of remote control of activities in several species of animals has been demonstrated…Special investigations and evaluations will be conducted toward the application of selected elements of these techniques to man,” according to “The CIA and the Search for the Manchurian Candidate,” a 1979 book by former State Department intelligence officer John Marks [5].

Both show that controlling the activities of animals was studied since the late 1950s or earlier. We’re over five decades since then. Yes, there was some open discussion of MKULTRA as used on human beings being halted, but can you imagine for one second that they really stopped trying to figure out how to control animals?

Again, the idea to go to Minneapolis was my partner’s idea and that of co-workers at Top Secret America contractor Google. As if that weren’t strange enough, Mr. Gaiman has a son who worked, or maybe still does work, there as well though not in New York.

By the way, I found a photo of the junior Gaiman years ago just to put my mind at ease with regards to “Janus.” Not even close.

As there had been with others including Peter Watts, there was some attempts at perverting things that Gaiman said on his blog or on Twitter (and once even in the commentary of Neverwhere on DVD). That had not helped.

But having already figured out that I had been mislead on Janus once, I wasn’t about to completely allow that to happen again. Once I arrived in Minneapolis, I did eventually (largely out of boredom) hit a pub that Gaiman had said he frequented. I suppose some of the strangeness that happened on Twitter made me wonder if he at least had some idea what had happened. (Understand, I’d never heard of voice-to-skull, organized stalking, any of that at that point).

I should also note that the first FBI agent I met with (over the informants, see chapter ## NOTE: NOT WRITTEN YET) was surprised when I said that moving to Minneapolis had been my ex’s idea from people who worked at Google. Had he already known who I was, or was it Google that surprised him?

Gaiman of course wasn’t there so I just enjoyed a few beers. When the time came to fill out a slip for a drawing they were having later, I filled it out “Canis Lupin.” I had been thinking of writing a series of werewolf short stories. This was where my current Twitter handle would come from (@kanyslupin) and I made it up I think on the spot. I had used Canis Doofus once prior. This was also a play on a character from Peter Watts’ Rifters trilogy, Ken Lubin. Lubin also, along with Jason Bourne and the general way I was feeling, contributed to “Ken”, a main character in the novella I wrote, Learning to Fly.

I also went to a comic book store where Neil had signed a bunch of items. I did not wind up buying anything (money was very tight) but I enjoyed seeing the store and hearing from the clerk how Neil had been so gracious signing items. (He said that when he was done with the third large stack and they brought him the fourth one, he sort of quietly sighed and continued signing away).

There was one other thing. I had actually acquired a taste for Marmite. I had bought some in Brooklyn at a Brit specialty pub and wound up liking it. (The secret is to spread much less than you think you need on a piece of bread).

When my local store didn’t have any, I sent Neil Gaiman a webmail via his site sounding as if it were coming from a person struggling with lycanthropy and only Marmite could cure them.

As it turned out, I was harassed (as already noted with the additional use of something like testosterone to make me more aggressive and hairy) about the werewolf thing. I wrote about a small piece of it to Peter Watts and soon after there were various werewolf “jokes” coming my way be strangers at 3am outside and seemingly the folks living upstairs.

While I did know that the believed origin of werewolf legends from the middle ages was due to a bread infection called ergot, I did not know that ergot was the source for LSD-25. LSD-25 had been created by CIA and synthesized by the Sandoz Corporation (now Novartis) until CIA asked for such a large quantity that Sandoz refused and CIA had to find a different manufacturer [6].

What does that mean? I don’t really know. I can tell you that like most people I’d prefer to just be living my life and ignoring the ills of the world as much as possible. That is not an option for me though, and there are a half dozen reasons why. This book serves to list them. This is not fun for me. It’s a living hell. Believe what you like.

This is how I think these things are done. Similar to utilizing multiple shooters for assassination, the use of a drugged and mind addled puppet to harass celebrities that some special business interest or some stuffed-shirt general has taken a dislike to, means that some of the harassment is done by professional field operatives. This enhances the image that one “lone nut” is responsible and hides the true motive. The target may or may not be aware that there is more to it, but would look like a nut themselves (see the Quaid story) if they suggested that.

There was one more oddity where Gaiman was concerned. I thought that I had bought from my local comic store in Brooklyn (after it had been robbed and the robbers trashed the counter and left my comic on top of the mess; I was supporting them to try keep them open after the losses they suffered) The Ultimate Sandman Volume 1. I apparently did not. Don’t know how I came to be so convinced that I had. It was weird. Only time I can really recall having serious memory issues quite like that. I think maybe I dreamed lucidly reading it, turning the pages. It seemed like magic when I suddenly realized I had not made the purchase; reality suddenly shifted.

All of that toward hoping I’d stalk, harass, Neil Gaiman (and others similarly).

This bullshit needs to stop. It won’t, however, unless people are aware of it and how it works and that they use their influence to put it to an end.

Below is another example of a mind-bending experience. I was (am still?) not even able to enjoy going to the movies without being harassed about it later. The person who drew it may not have even been aware of what it meant. Note that LCR (all-see-r?) is an abbreviation for low caliber revolver.



The chalk reads:

all fun & games until some1
who looks like u looses
an all-see-r

(“some1 who looks like u”, possible reference to doppelgänger and a frame-up as well?)

Also recall the lower eyelid damage just before Gay Pride in 2010. I had seen the Jonah Hex advertisement before the screening of Iron Man 2. Shaking you up is a big part of it.

Not only is this about demoralizing a target (me), it’s also another form of isolation and alienation. In taking away what someone enjoys in life, you change them. Then you hit them with subliminal thoughts to try to fill the void you just created with violent ideas. You try to get them to associate their pain with the intended targets, in this case Hollywood and related media. Only the Department of Defense and extreme right-wing radicals hate Hollywood this much.

That’s one of the tricks in trying to drive someone to violence or suicide. Make life seem uncharacteristically harsh.

Now can you see why I would be upset with Barack Obama? He promised better and has not delivered. That’s a fact and it’s becoming more and more apparent that I am not alone in that observation.

Why is to an extent irrelevant. It’s his job, not mine, not Bradley Manning’s, not Edward Snowden’s, to straighten out the people who work for him. Whether he knew and signed off (it started during the previous administration, so that’s a partial no) is irrelevant. He owns it now. That his enemies are pricks should not have to be my concern.

Do you think I work once a week for the Koch Brothers because it’s my choice? I developed a habit over the course of my life called eating. I confess that it’s been almost as difficult to break as breathing. It requires money, sadly, in order to continue doing so.

I was shifted over there by the company I work for after having worked for the company elsewhere (previously owned by Koch) for many months. Not my choice.

There is no valid excuse for this continuing. Not after I’ve made it clear what is happening. The Department of Justice makes itself an accessory after the fact (and that’s the best face one can put on it).

1 Vanity Fair, “The Quaid Conspiracy”, Nancy Jo Sales, January 2011:


Again, these things are very common in OSEH. I have to bring up again, the CIA filled itself with Mormons and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints illegally funded the opposition to passing gay marriage in California in 2008. Does it take much to do the math?

2 Gizmodo, “Crowd-Controlling MEDUSA Ray Gun Puts Voices Inside Your Head”, Jack Loftus, July 6, 2008:



New Scientist, “Microwave ray gun controls crowds with sound”, David Hambling, July 3, 2008:


Also, see again The CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception for how drugs can be slipped into your food, drink, or directly into your blood or lungs.

3 Truth Out, “Forgetting the Past: One Military Movie at a Time”, David Sirota, February 26, 2012:


4 1977 Senate hearings on MKULTRA, Admiral Stansfield Turner testimony on subprojects including control of animals.

5 Washington Post, “CIA brain experiments pursued in veterans’ suit“, Jeff Stein, November 24, 2010:


6 Again, A Terrible Mistake.


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