Wicked Game – Chapter 39

“You Bury Me — Part 3”

You’d better free your mind instead.

The party I’d just been invited to by Dan the FBI informant is happening the very next night, July 17, 2010 at 10PM. What’s the angle, I wonder?

Dan is 20 (though I’m thinking this might have coincided with his birthday…can’t recall). There’s the possibility of underaged drinking, so there’s the possibility of a contributing-to-the-delinquency charge.

I checked the address on Google maps on the iPhone. As I recall, I could not actually find that house there nor at a tax map site, but knew where it should be. I grabbed a hat after dark and took a walk over and around the block of the house that Dan, Walter and some other people were renting. I looked for easy escape routes in case of a raid. Taking note of those, I went back home.

The next night it was raining. As I intended to walk, I waited, texted Dan that it was supposed to stop around 11. He texted back that that would be fine.

I showed up to see what was happening. It was BYOB, so I walked over to a local deli and bought myself a couple of beers.

There were some interesting conversations with strangers. One was mildly creepy: The discussion of sociopaths. I mentioned the one I met in college, who, by the way, made national news not long after 9/11 for threatening a Muslim cleric in Canada. He apparently got a visit from the Secret Service as a result of that and was his typical loudmouthed, belligerent self. Think of De Niro’s character in the Cape Fear remake with less redneckyness but the same racist, sexist, penchant for violence and a pathological determination. He had joined the USMC for the express purpose of getting to kill someone. He never got that opportunity there, missed the Gulf Wars and was given an other-than-honorable discharge for going UA–that’s marine talk for AWOL. They had actually grabbed him out of my Pinto when they caught up with him at my college. I was relieved when he was gone. He did, however, introduce me to my partner of 14 and a half years.

Jared and Dan had broken up at some point after our evening of “fun.” Jared seemed restless.

The live music was great, however, and Jared played in one of them. He’s talented.

There was a burlesque show. A young lady with tassels on her nipples had people eating ice cream off of her stomach after an impressive belly dance. I was, of course, on a “diet” and did not partake in that. On occasion I pass up free ice cream, too.

Walter was off, I was told, on an AIDS bike race.

Dan was not at all what he seemed the previous time we met. Instead of the bright-eyed, naïve kid I thought he was, I saw a brilliant and calculating nerd. He was one smart cookie. In fact, I’d say of most of the people I’ve met over the past two years, he’s bound to have been ranked among the top for IQ.

When I asked where Walter was, he told me about the race and that Walter does what I can only call a “furry” sex show with another person named Tim. Tim gets the receiving end of a dildo. That, Dan implied, was the explanation for what “practicing on Tim” had meant when Walter and Chris mentioned that in front of me at Pizza Luce the month before.

Except I had never mentioned Tim to Dan. Dan wasn’t even in earshot when Walter and Chris said that in front of me. The only person I’d told had been the FBI agent I met with that Monday afterwards.

A slip? Or is Dan just so goddamn clever as I said?

Expect our corrupt system to mete out more punishment for Dan for attempting to use his First Amendment rights when the party of “let’s make a war” showed up in St. Paul. It’s not enough to get him fired, ruin a relationship, try to make him their slave…wait this is starting to sound familiar. They will screw him again for being smarter than they are. I tip my hat to the young man. It is a clear violation of Title 18 USC Section 241 – Conspiracy Against Rights, what they did to him. That it’s the same asshats who are supposed to be protecting US citizens from that shit actually doing it is just another sign as to how ironic things are in the lawless Old New West we live in these days.

While Dan and some others and I stood out front having a smoke and a conversation, a group of several couples walked by. The males in the group, all professional in appearance, late 30s to early 40s or so, were clearly inebriated or pretended to be. One of them shouted, “Hey, show us your tits!”

Dan shouted something back and unbuttoned his shirt. Some of the other guys did likewise. Dan asked me to as well, so I did even though I could not believe the shit I was witnessing and felt silly.

One of the men, probably around 5′ 8″ or so, dark hair, came up to Dan and got right up in his face. It was curiously not hostile and yet it was confrontational.

Jesus Christ…he’s FBI. This is a show designed to make me think there’s animosity between the “gay ecoterrorists” and them. I’m supposed to feel protective of Dan, I suppose, supposed to become radicalized because “the man” is picking on my “sisters.”

Really, the agent’s acting wasn’t that great. It was fairly clear that Dan was acting as well.

But I still wasn’t getting the full picture. Not yet. Why did they want me nailed, caught, so badly? That was the question that remained.

And it got even sillier later with my conversation with Jared. He gave me a rabblerousing speech. “People are getting hurt out there! I want to pick up a gun and shoot someone! Something is happening, I can feel it.”

I told him that that was exactly what they want. If you resort to violence, it will justify all the lies they’ve been telling [1], justify the phony intelligence they’ve been cooking up, and they will easily have your ass in jail because they have a virtual army, including DHS.

But I could feel something as well. It’s palpable. It’s what the Tea Party (I mean the folks; not the lying, opportunistic sociopaths who try to corral them and direct their ire at government but not the private industry who owns it) feels as well.

I also said that, should the day come when they can falsify elections, court trials, and they start rounding people up without cause and due process, that then it’s probably time to think about taking it back.

Maybe Jared knew what he was doing and wasn’t Walter’s “camouflage.” I can’t be certain. He made it known he had issues with drug use. Maybe they were blackmailing/coercing him as well with the threat of some drug-related charge.

Or maybe they were offering to pay him or they as they had with Islamic informants who could turn up/create a terrorist. Maybe he was jonesing and they offered to pay him so he could go get a fix. Really, we are at that point, people. These creeps will exploit anything, look for your weak points and apply pressure. Why not a drug addiction?

The irony here, I still wasn’t thinking of MKULTRA. I still wasn’t getting that massive psychological operations are not only possible, they are already happening [2]. I wasn’t aware that they can and undoubtedly do use technology like acoustic psycho-correction to sway judges, juries, reporters, and other key people. I surely didn’t see NDAA coming and allowances for indefinite detention on mere suspicion of terrorism and allowing DoD to run psychological operations on the American people with Congress’ and the White House’ blanket consent.

They are squeezing every last penny out of 9/11 and Islamophobia that they can. Adding gays, transgender, peace activists, etc. to the list of suspects just makes it easier for the next great financial ripoff and loss of civil liberties to happen since there will be fewer people to complain and take to the streets with signs. Remember that poem, “When they came for me…?” That’s why we should be pulling together and demanding better from our institutions. I didn’t know that the DOD was running psy ops on the Senate, for example, to secure more funding (and I have to think, to invade Iran. Tell me that doesn’t seem to be working and tell me that we really need another Iraq or Afghanistan on our hands) as has been reported by the AP and Rolling Stone.

I was given one last chance to try to start an insurrection on the way home when Jared rode his bike by me and gave me a stern, imploring look. I just waved.

I haven’t seen Dan since the party (nor Walter since “bridge night”), but I did run into Jared several more times. Mostly it was at the grocery store, but I also saw him in Dinkytown and he invited me to see his new band play at the Kittycat Club.

I told him that his band reminded me of 16 Horsepower. Though less gothic/horror than that band, they got the “billy” part down. The other bands that night were mostly rockabilly as well. I was seeing a trend.


Yeah, I know, the picture looks a bit like I was trying to photograph Bigfoot or something. Not the best camera for dark shots. He’s the one on the left. It sounded like he was turning things in his life around.

And that’s roughly it. What I also didn’t know was that the DOD, CIA, DHS and other institutions along with the only things they actually serve: their corporate partners, had already declared war on the American people. I don’t think that’s even debatable at this point. The only place they seem to doing the right thing is on TV shows. A very, very important reminder: that’s fiction.

How we handle it is what’s going to define us for a long time to come.


On January 23, 2012, I sent a letter to the office of the Inspector General of the Department of Justice. This was the response:


1 See for example the double-standard regarding the Charlie Hebdo situation. On the one hand, they claim Islam hates freedom. On the other, they take freedoms away. The plot to annoy us all into joining their genocide is fully underway.

Glenn Greenwald, “France Arrests a Comedian For His Facebook Comments, Showing the Sham of the West’s ‘Free Speech’ Celebration,” First Look/The Intercept, 14 January 2015:


Since that glorious “free speech” march, France has reportedly opened 54 criminal cases for “condoning terrorism.” AP reported this morning that “France ordered prosecutors around the country to crack down on hate speech, anti-Semitism and glorifying terrorism.”

J.D. Tuccille, “What’s a Terrorist Attack If Not An Excuse for More Domestic Spying?: Driven by a need to appear proactive, and a taste for power, government officials once again exploit a murderous incident to increase their authority over us,” Reason, 14 January 2015:


Following on last week’s terrorist attacks in France, the British government has dusted off a long-sought “snooper’s charter”—better known as the Data Communications Bill—to ease the power of officials to track people’s private communications.

There’s no evidence that the bill would have prevented the Charlie Hebdo attack, but that incident is why you should pass the bill.

And their strict adhesion to class as determining whether or not the law applies:

Glenn Greenwald, “Dianne Feinstein, Strong Advocate of Leak Prosecutions, Demands Immunity For David Petraeus,” First Look/The Intercept, 12 January 2015:


This man has suffered enough in my view,” Feinstein said on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday…

2 From the Snowden cache, the UK’s NSA, GCHQ / JTRIG, on dividing people surreptitiously and disrupting democratic action:

JTRIG slide identifying and exploiting fracture points

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